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We got our start as a core business of The LIV Group, an early entrant into the UK build-to-rent industry in 2008 and the first operating model in the business to provide full-service offerings dedicated to every phase of a development – from acquisition to management. In 2019, Cortland, one of the leading multifamily firms in the US, acquired LIV with the aim of bringing a forward-thinking approach to apartment living in the UK.

As part of the Cortland business offerings, our Consult team operates as an independent consultancy service that benefits from a depth of property management and development expertise, both within the US and UK. To date, our best-in-class team has advised on the development of more than 50,000 build-to-rent units within the UK and in Europe.

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Our dedicated team of consultants and analysts is the key to our success. Our team members bring a wealth of research and industry experience to each project, along with a passion for helping our clients create the best living spaces possible.

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Learn more about our approach and what sets us apart, like our z-score analysis and sustainability focus, through our Cortland Consult news.