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We provide a full suite of services, customisable to any build-to-rent scheme, to help you and your team create better living spaces and experiences throughout the life of a building – from concept through to lease-up and beyond.

Investor Appraisal Reporting

Our build-to-rent investor appraisal reports provide a robust analysis of a prospective development – from design, specification and operational considerations to broader market-based data to ensure that a scheme is positioned for long-term success within its local context. We take a two-tiered approach to our reporting:

1. We test the initial viability of a scheme according to core social, demographic, and economic metrics, providing an in-depth understanding of the local rental market.

2. We provide a financial overview for each development specifically focused on rents per unit type, rent maximisation strategies, and additional income opportunities.

Socio-Economic Research

We offer customised market research to developers, investors, and leading property platforms in both UK and European BTR markets. Our extensive proprietary data resources and live market intelligence give us unique insight on emerging social, economic, and demographic trends to inform core strategies throughout the entire development lifecycle. Our key research outputs include the following:

Z-Score Analysis

Our original data model that ranks relevant locations for prospective development.

City Strategy Report

A comprehensive breakdown of a specific investment market, including location and zoning analyses of current and future developments.

Build-to-Rent Mapping

The UK’s first interactive build-to-rent development map that tracks all operational and pipeline build-to-rent developments in the UK and Ireland, including data on existing transport networks, amenities, and employment clusters to highlight the local context of a potential site, as well as competitors and opportunities within a given market.

Quarterly Reporting

Our custom publication that identifies the implications of emerging build-to-rent and residential market trends in our clients’ respective markets.

Rent & Operational Cost Projection

Our rent and operational cost projections are guided by detailed research on the local market, development pipeline, industry assumptions, and our experience in management operations. Whether your scheme is in the concept phase or design phase, we can provide a range of projections, from feasibility studies to unit-by-unit analysis and operational budgets that address the following categories:

• General Building Management & Staffing
• Utilities
• M&E and Maintenance
• Net Operating Income
• Gross-to-Net Leakage

Design & Architectural Consulting

As build-to-rent experts, we know that great design matters. We rely on our meticulous approach to data, research, and customer feedback to advise our clients on home and amenity space design planning that creates exceptional living environments. When it comes to design, we advise on the following:

• Masterplans
• Phasing Strategy
• Resident Journeys
• Apartment Layouts
• Amenity Strategy

Specification Development

From door handles and access controls to taps and curtains fixtures, we work with our clients to ensure every detail is geared towards creating unique spaces with residents in mind. Here are the key areas we advise on:

• Apartment Fit-Out Brand Standards
• Kitchen & Bathroom Layouts
• Lighting Layouts
• MEP Strategy
• Floor Finishes
• Amenity Strategy & Layout for Maximum Flexibility
• Design from an Operational Cost Perspective
• Apartment & Building Property Technology

PropTech Consulting

Understanding the intersection of technology and living spaces to meet the needs of residents both now and in the future is vital to the success of any build-to-rent scheme. We are at the forefront of the conversation around emerging technology within the property management industry – from infrastructure to providers and can consult on the following:

• Design for ESG, including BREEAM Sustainability Assessment Method, LEED Certification, Fitwel Building Certification, WELL Accredited Professional Certification, Active Score, Wired Score, and Secured by Design
• PropTech Strategy
• System Architecture
• Reference Designs
• Equipment & Vendor Specifications

Modern Methods of Construction Consulting

As build-to-rent demand continues to rapidly increase in the UK, so does the conversation among developers and investors around modular and offsite construction solutions. We can provide a range of insight into the realm of modular construction specific to build-to-rent, as well as provide research into the myriad benefits of modular – from energy-efficiency to timeline compression.

Lifecycle Modelling

Our build-to-rent formula goes beyond typical viability studies and mobilisation consulting. We also provide lifecycle modelling that captures up to 30 years of a building’s cost-in-use and replacement cycles, including financial projections and operating insight so that the vision for your development doesn’t stop once residents move-in – it is set up for decades of exceptional living. Our lifecycle modelling capability is sophisticated and detailed and can assist in optimising the whole life cost of a project while meeting your ESG targets.

ESG Consulting

Providing healthier, smarter buildings that are more energy efficient and environmentally friendly has never been more important to both build-to-rent developers and residents. We work with our clients not only on sustainable design and building practices, but also on securing key certifications to enhance the resident experience, add asset value, and reduce operational and lifecycle costs. Here are the primary certifications and ratings we help our clients achieve:

• BREEAM Sustainability Assessment Method
• LEED Certification
• Fitwel Building Certification
• WELL Accredited Professional Certification
• Active Score
• Wired Score
• Secured by Design

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