The Brave New World of PropTech

When it comes to proptech solutions in the BTR sector, there is a lot of noise. Every day, it seems like there is a new technology offering to consider. This level of saturation in an already young sector of UK real estate often makes it difficult for developers and owner-operators to really understand what technology solutions will best fit their strategy – and most importantly, provide their residents the infrastructure and technology support they need.

We think it all starts with two things: 1) keeping the resident experience priority number one and 2) having the right data at hand, especially when it comes to technology choices that will influence every aspect of your scheme’s success – from service and amenities to predictive maintenance, security, and management software.

Suffice it to say, technology plays a pivotal role in how you approach your development, both from a design and operational standpoint. Whether you need help developing an integration strategy or navigating the brave new world of PropTech offerings, our team can help. We focus on four core areas:

Technology Strategy: the big picture goals and principles that align with your strategy and desired outcomes
System Architecture: defining the systems and functions in relation to each other and how they can be integrated and/or streamlined
Reference Designs: standard designs for each system that cover that vast majority of current and future-forward scenarios
Equipment & Vendor Specifications: choosing the right vendors and equipment to comply with the reference designs

Reach out to us today to learn more about how we can support your BTR technology strategy.

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